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Vybrant Vibes – I’m Not Your Girlfriend

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Vybrant Vibes – I’m Not Your Girlfriend


You close your eyes and fade into a trance of euphoric sounds…It pulls you in deeper until you are engulfed in chilled vibes…From the tips of your toes, a wave of tingles moves its way up to the top of your head…You are now in a full mind and body connection…Your body takes over from here and before you know it, you are in motion…Swaying to the melody’s…Singing the verse’s that have crept into you conscious…THIS IS CHILL

Vybrant Vibes, Rosemarie Katelyn (born December 01, 1995), who performs as Vybrant Vibes is an American electronic dance music DJ, producer, and singer. Her genre varies from Dubstep, Bass House, Riddim, Future Bass, and Progressive House. Vybrant Vibes blends the pretty with the filthy, specializing in surrealist multi genre psychedelic bass creations.

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