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Seraph69 – Deep House Mix

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Seraph69 – Deep House Mix


A deep house mix by DJ/Producer Seraph69 who plays of all kinds of Electronic Music with an emphasis on House Music.

Seraph69 is the DJ/production handle for Donald Bean. He has been around the San Antonio DJ scene since the early 90s, during the Cameo days. You’ll find a wide assortment of styles from Seraph69 including Deep House, Dub House, Melodic House, Ambient and Downtempo.

Donald Bean is a multifaceted artist with a passion for sound and electronics. He’s been producing and mastering for around 20 years and the owner and operator of It’s No Secret Computer Services, which has been in business for 15+ years. Beginning at the age of 15 working on sound mixing boards in church, grew to being a sound engineer producing his own music and DJing deep house grooves.

Primarily working within Reason, live instruments and synths. He has also helped fellow producers and musicians record and master their mixes. His love for sound knows no bounds.

Listen to the mix! Seraph69

1. Tell Me How (Original Mix) by Cosmic Cowboys
2. Antarctica (Original Mix) by Kled Baken
3. Caddo (Original) by Kora (CA)
4. Zed (Original Mix) by Moonwalk
5. Tibet (Original Mix) by S.K.A.M.
6. Dimensions (Original Mix) by Brian Cid
7. Modern Talking (Original Mix) by Adriatique
8. Eau de Groove (Original Mix) by Matan Caspi
9. Monogamy (Original Mix) by Sascha Braemer

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