Nightlife Event and Club Promoters in San Diego Promoting Partnerships
Take your event to the next level by partnering with Keeping our fingers on the pulse of the local electronic scene has given us the tools to make any gathering a success.

Our services include:

Event Branding

Music lovers have tons of options in San Diego, meaning you need to differentiate your event from the wide range of choices your customers have. Enlist the help from professionals who’ve done it before. Our creative team at SDHM will craft you an event concept from scratch. Your new brand will include an event name, theme, flyer design, and marketing plan. We’ll help you focus on the little details that make the difference in whether your event busts or shines.

Online Ticket Sales

Skip the hassle of selling tickets and setting up expensive online shopping carts. SDHM can handle all your transactions whether you are expecting 100 or 1000 people, leaving you to focus on the important things.

Guest List Collecting Service

Create an exclusive guest list or use one for a public promotional tool. SDHM can help you build and maintain your guest and contact list completely online.

Social Media Integration

Social Media is an essential tool for event and brand promotion. Use of it can spread the word much more efficiently and effectively than traditional marketing methods. SDHM team members are experts in online promoting and will harness the full potential of your existing social media network.

Email Marketing

Keep your fans informed of where and when you are playing, promote your albums, and build your brand through your email list. Believe us, fans appreciate being in the know and will reward you though attendance. We’ll help you take full advantage of this powerful marketing technique and build your fan base.

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