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Last Nights Party – Photographer Merlin Bronques

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Last Nights Party – Photographer Merlin Bronques

Last Nights Party is the website of New York photographer Merlin Bronques who specializes in shooting nightlife, beauty, unique bodies, extreme styles and fashion.

At night and armed with a camera, Bronques photographs women in the street, at the club, in bathrooms in the nude and everything in between.

Bronques has the special ability to get people comfortable enough to the idea of being photographed nude within minutes of meeting him. In interviews he attributes this to a simple concept: People are more like to reveal their bodies to someone they don’t know.

Sure, he gets the finger a lot, but a lot more often he comes away with great action photography, that shows the gritty nightlife and party scenes around the globe.

Bronques’s Drive By series is shot in 35mm film, showing the grainy and fast life of a traveling photographer. From endless faces on the street, shots of food at early breakfasts and out of airplane window seats.

Learn more about Last Nights Party and Merlin Bronques on his website, where you can view thousands of photographs in the archive.