July 6th-8th in Ensenada, Baja California


July 6th-8th in Ensenada, Baja California
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Native Alien presents Contact!
Join us July 6th-8th @ Rancho Agua Caliente!


Native Alien is hosting the 2nd Annual Summertime-Pool-Party-Camping-Fiesta at the Rancho Agua Caliente Resort. This year’s event is called: Contact!

Enjoy camping amongst the oak trees with your friends on a private 800 acre eco-resort. Relax in the 108 degree hot springs tub and roman baths and splash in the cool Olympic size swimming pool. Listen to music played by your favorite DJs, and dance poolside under the sun and stars. Join us for an adventure!

The event starts at 4pm on Friday, July 6th, and ends Sunday, July 8th at 8pm. Native Aliens (You) are welcome to set up camp as early as Thursday, and are invited to stay Sunday night if needed. There is plenty to see and do, so please join us for the weekend!

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Buy your ticket today by registering on Native Alien if you haven’t yet! There are a limited amount of tickets available, so don’t delay on signing up! Use the promo code “NATIVEALIEN” for an extra $20 off discount until July 1st!

Payments will be processed through paypal, and you will receive a confirmation email w/ address, directions, and general travel information.

Rancho Agua Caliente Amenities


ranchoaguacalientepoolsRancho Agua Caliente is widely known as one of the most attractive and traditional outdoor vacation sites in the Baja California region due to its unique setting and abundant natural resources.

Amenities at Rancho Agua Caliente include:
• 800 acres of nature preserve along the Baja California mountains.
Campgrounds w/ firepits, camping grills, and bathroom facilities.
Hot spring hot tub, Olympic-sized swimming pool, and private roman baths.
Restaurant, bar, and outdoor lounge.

Rancho Agua Caliente Hot Springs
Rancho Agua Caliente Hot Springs At Rancho Agua Caliente, the hot springs and facilities provide you with your own exclusive private spa. The main hot spring feeds enough hot water to constantly fill two large swimming pools (hot and cold) with a continuous flow. Also, there are several private roman baths where you can enjoy the hot spring water in your own private hot tub room. Hot spring water showers are available.

Rancho Agua Caliente Campgrounds
The oak tree lined Rancho Agua Caliente campgrounds are situated just next to the resort property and is a short walking distance to the pool and hot springs area. There are also bbq grills. The camp bathrooms have large dressing rooms nearby.

Rancho Agua Caliente Driving Directions


Route to Rancho Agua CalienteRancho Agua Caliente is a two-hour drive south of the USA/Mexico international border crossing at San Ysidro and is located in the eastern valleys of the city of Ensenada, Baja California.It’s approximately 17 miles east of the port and 10 miles (15 KM) west of Ojos Negros and is accessible only by a private 5 mile dirt road. Entrance gate has 24-hour security.
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We will be keeping the facebook event updated, so keep an eye there for more info as the event develops! Comment on the event page if you are interested in carpooling and caravaning!
(The Gold Line, Perch – LA)

Alex Villalobos
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Alien Tom
(Native Alien, Stanton, Eurobar – LA)

Alonso Morales
(Eurobar, Moustache – ENS)

Andrea Grace

Atari Roots
(Be Happy – MXLI)

Ben Annand
(Tropical, Moontribe – LA)

Blackass Ringleader (Spacedown – LA/SD)

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Gus A
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Joe Rodriguez
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Jokton Strealy
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Jon Doss
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Joselo Pacheco
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Lee Reynolds
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Mark Kane
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Mark Zabala
(Ninja Skillz – LA)

Mikey Lion
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Minoru Hirata
(Eurobar, Stripped – ENS)

Missy B

Mr. Tarin
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Red Sonya
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Pocket Underground, Eurobar – LA)

Ro Ortega
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