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Johnny Massacre – Beastman Mix

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Johnny Massacre – Beastman Mix


An impossible vinyl mix of DnB/UKG/90s Rap/Tech House and Punk designed to take your door off its hinges. Johnny Massacre is a rapper, music producer and DJ in Tokyo with a song called Ultrasound that has 8,000,000 YouTube views. Johnny Massacre freaking loves drum & bass. The DJ Mix was made to partner my music video called “Beastman Blitz”, make sure to check it out as well. Happy gurning. It was all done using vinyl – no automatic mixing going on here; all beat-matched by ear.

Listen to the mix! Johnny Massacre – Beastman Mix


Split the Atom – Noisia (with Gimme Da Loot Acapella)
Music Sounds Better With You – Stardust (Teaser)
Lithium – Nirvana (Teaser)
Destiny – Dem 2
Bump ‘N’ Grind – M Dubs
Def – Latmun
Kinky Tail – Detlef
Morphine – John Dahlback, Young Rebels, Diaz
Who’s Afraid of Detroit – Claude VonStroke
Roll On – Andy C
Sound Control – Andy C & Randall (Teaser)
Firewire – Andy C & Shimon
The Voice – Bad Company
Timing Mechanism – DJ Die
Void – Digital & Spirit
Drop It Down Low (Joe Ford remix) – L 33
Alwayz Into Somethin – N.W.A
It Ain’t Hard To Tell – Nas
Rappaz R.N. Danja – KRS-One
10 Crack Commandments – The Notorious B.I.G

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