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I am a NYC-based DJ and Producer. My Soundcloud features original mixes with local guest Artists, Producers, and DJs. I am the creator of Eclectic Taste.

Eclectic Taste is a channel where I’ve curated a wide array of songs and genres to create any vibe that fits the situation (Party, Event Openings, and even personal moods). My main mission is to bring to light songs that have been underground for many years and have them seamlessly fuse with present day tunes.

Head Funk is inspired from old school house and disco clips I would watch when I was in High School. Growing up I wasn’t really allowed to go out much, but I would watch old video clips of these underground rave and disco parties. I wanted to make a mix pretending I was one of those dj’s back in the day (and hopefully that will become reality 🙂 ).

1. Step into My Life- The Far Out Monster Disco
2. Yours- Steffi, Virginia
3. Makin' Love- Soundstream
4. Brigit Boogie- Boof
5. Girls Like Us- B15 Project, Crissy D, Lady G
7. Ritmo Especial – Daniel Maloso
8. Love Thang- First Choice
9. Good Life (Inner City Extended)- Inner City, Car Craig
10. Another Brick Edit- (Sharp Soul)
11. The Chef & The DJ- _BY.ALEXANDER, Michele Lamy
12. Space Sound To Dance- Fernanda Abreu
13. God Sent '10- Cajmere, Jamie Principle
14. Same Man (Extended Version)- Till West, Dj Delicious
15. Sensation- Ron Hardy
16-Caught Up- Metro Aera
17. Music Madness- Beckie Bell, Charles Maurice

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