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San Diego has given birth to a couple of female DJ’s who have grown up in the downtown Gaslamp party and nightclub scene and have lead successful careers in music beyond just this city.

For example we have Frankie M and Ayla Simone, both have worked the club scene in the area locally and have gotten opportunities to travel to San Francisco and Las Vegas to perform for dancing crowds. With their sound rooted in house music, both also play a variety of dance hits, pop music and edm to keep dance floors engaged. These days DJ’s are expected to deliver song after song, mixed seamlessly to keep the party rocking and those fists pumping in the air. When you add a female touch to that objective, the party becomes even more sexy, fun and engaging.

Another local disc jockey is DJ Stacey “The Track Star”, who also has worked a variety of nightlife and concerts but now primarily focuses on weddings, parties and also offer photo booth services. She proudly touts her love and expertise in Country music, to strongly object to that old saying “I listen to everything except country.”

If you are looking for a more traditional music experience then check out Party Pam, who is a veteran working primarily weddings, and appealing to same sex couples as well as traditional heterosexual parties.


Primo DJ’s is a family business with a wife and husband acting as the DJ’s. It seems that they are evenly split in their duties, which means Mrs Primo is a hell of a DJ. Their reviews are always positive and on their website they consistently post pictures of the most recent party they destroyed together. Look to this awesome pair to play for your next corporate event or wedding.

Hire a Female DJ

Above are just a few examples for options to hire a performer to play good music at our event. To learn more about booking a DJ please click the contact us button and fill out the contact form with a few details about your event. We’ll get back to you with availability and rates.