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DJ LOUIE LOU 1 – House Music 2019

DJ Louie Lou 1 Has 30 years of experience. Has featured in as many famous nite clubs which includes the limelight nite club in NYC, funkadelic disco tech in Frankfurt Germany, Budapest night club in HUNGRY, And also is an ex breakdancer pioneer from Brooklyn NY. He loves to pump up the volume with his mixing styles of house, dance remixes, reggaeton, hip hop, RnB, and his throwbacks will keep you on the dance floor wanting more.

Listen to the mix! DJ LOUIE LOU 1 – House Music 2019


1. Make Luv
2. Twisted.
3. Americana
4. The number
5. Feel it for you
6. Run to me
7. Never be the same
8. Galero 9. Breathe
10. Undressed
11. Hear the sound
12. Move your body higher
13. Just a beat
14. She’s got it 15. So much love
16. Tonight
17. Praise you.

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