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CIARA B – Into the Dark Mix

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CIARA B – Into the Dark Mix


I’ve wanted to move to San Diego for longer than I can remember—for more reasons than I can count: the weather, the people, and of course the local music scene.

I’m so excited to say I’ve finally made the move from the east coast to the west coast, and I thought it’d be a perfect time to share my first mix of 2018. An upbeat hour of dark, grooving techno that features some of my favorite tracks at the moment. Throw on an all-black outfit, and enjoy the journey into the dark.

Listen to the mix! CIARA B—Into the Dark Mix

1. Erizo (Gaga Remix) – Drexler
2. Fullmoon (Gaga Remix) – Suspect One
3. The Meeting – Swann Decamme, John Haden
4. Frankferta – Chris Hodgson
5. Folded – VERV
6. Time Traveler – Berlanga
7. Outprint (Raul Facio Remix) – Nuno Lisboa
8. Second Stage – Andreew
9. Cara Mojada – NIUKID
10. Kalateh – Kreisel, Monococ
11. Indifferent – VERV
12. Mist – Xenoscapes

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