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Welcome to San Diego’s online information center for all things electronic music! 

Although our love originates with the multiple flavors of underground house music lighting up our world’s night clubs, we have a deep respect and love for all electronic music from dub-step to glitch-hop and from trance to ambient.  A vibrant world of local, regional, and international circuit DJs, phenomenal electronic friendly venues, and multi-performer festivals awaits you here in San Diego and SDHM is your guide to navigate you through.

House and electronic music artists are more popular than ever.  Just listening to the radio to songs by the likes of the Black Eyed Peas and Lady Gaga, we hear that the seeds of electronica have sprouted and rooted firmly into the mainstream pop music spectrum.  It will only be a matter of time before the masses in the United States fully realize electronic music as the sound of the future.

We keep our ear close to the ground and bring you the following:

House Music Events

Keep up with all the latest acts, pool parties, and festivals around San Diego and Southern California in general.  Gain access to tickets, guest lists, and be the first to know who is rocking the city.

News and Reviews

Learn about the latest trends and hotspots on the San Diego electronic music scene.  Read about past events that you may or may not have attended and wish you did.  This section brings you the details, keeping you well informed when you are out at night.

Local Spotlights

Local businesses who are friends of the house and electronic music scene are given the limelight here.  Not only does this section help our fellow clubgoers build their wealth, it informs us of the highest quality goods and services throughout the county.

Free House Music Podcast

Listen to free podcasts from the finest DJs in San Diego and beyond.  If you are a producer or DJ, feel free to share your set with our house music community.